Academic Requirement
To be eligible to apply to YSU for an undergraduate program, applicants must have a certificate of high school completion and a good record of academics. 
Language Requirement
Instruction at Undergraduate programs of YSU is mostly carried in Bahasa Indonesia and some times in English. Therefore, applicants must have the minimum English proficiency of paper-based TOEFL score 475, IELTS Band 5 or its equivalent. Applicants also have to pass the test of Bahasa Indonesia administered by the board of admission. Applicants who do not pass the test must attend the bridging course prior to the study. 
How to Apply
2. Fill out the Application Form completely 
3. Submit the application form with the following supported documents:
   a. a certified copy of high school diplomas or as equivalent (preferably in  
   b. a certified copy of academic transcript record (preferably in English)
   c. a certified copy of the official English proficiency certificate
   d. a letter of reference from one of high school teachers or a headmaster
   d. Two recent passport-size photographs
   e. A medical statement from the doctor of the home country
   f. 400-450 word letter of motivation
4. Submit the document to:
Placement Test and Interview
All applicants must sit selection tests and attend an interview in Indonesian. The tests consist of an academic aptitude test, English, and Indonesian. The interview in Indonesian is aimed at measuring applicants’ level of Indonesian and the result will indicate whether the applicants need a bridging course or not.