Secretarial Studies (Diploma)

  1. Study Program Overview and Aims

D3 Office Administration and Secretary Department is a three-year full time, which jointly by Faculty of Economic. This program cultivates alumni diploma of secretary and office administration works to become professional secretary, office administration practitioner and event organizer.

Our aim is to continue to produce graduates uniquely prepared to acts as competitive employees in the global economy.

  • Able to perform the duties of secretary and office administration works to provide services to leaders, colleagues and customers, as well as the benefits of information and communication technologies.

  • Able to manage resources to perform the duties of secretary and office administration jobs.

  • Responsible for the success of tasks secretarial and office administration work individually or in groups.

  1. Highlighted Programs

The emphasis is on student-centered learning. Learning process in reviewing and practicing within high-level thinking skills oriented, include critical thinking, creative, logical, reflective, problem solving, and decision making. To provide the framework so that students can do and create, with the orientation of the learning outcomes of graduates can compete with the provision of English language competence .We use a variety of teaching methods including:

  • lectures

  • seminars

  • tutorials

  • practicing

  • e-learning resources. 

  1. Curriculum Structure

The overall aim of the curriculum offered by the department is to provide students with both academic and professional studies as well as in-depth specialized knowledge of office administration and secretary

Elements of competency :

Nationalism and National Character (personality)

4 credits

Mastery in academic education


Mastery in Science, Technology, Art and / or Sports

18 credits

Abilities and Skills of secretary and office work

85 credits

Work attitude and behavior

8 credits

Mastery in rule of life society.

9 credits


  1. Admission Requirement

The University makes three types of offer:

  • Subsidized student, selected by SNMPTN and invitation .

you must obtain specified grades in your examinations

  • Self-financing , selected by entry test

  • Bidik misi, selected by invitation of Bidik misi program, which means that you are guaranteed entry to the University.

Final decisions on admissibility are made only after all factors and credentials related to your educational background have been considered. Make sure your academic record indicates excellent preparation for study at the university in your proposed major field.

Applications score are evaluated by central government (Ministry of Education and Culture).

You will have the opportunity to apply by following link

  1. Career Prospect

D3 Office Administration program’s graduates are oriented to be: secretary, office administration practitioner, and event organizer.




able to provide all duties of secretary and administrative work to help leaders with a professional attitude and performance.

office administration practitioner

able to carry out administrative work office with a professional attitude and performance.

event organizer

capable in planning, organizing, directing, and controlling an activity with a professional attitude and performance.


  1. Facilities and resources

We support you in independent study and we continually invest in new technology and facilities to provide better service in education so that you have access to highest quality of education.

  • Computer Laboratory

  • Library

  • Swimming pool

  • Boarding House

  • Football field