Guest Lecture in Accounting Education Class


Monday (24/11), International class of the Accounting Education Department of Faculty of Economics (FE) YSU held a public lecture by two guest lecturers from Thailand namely Jittrakorn Suktrakul and Arogya Bajracharya. The lecturers gave a material on Managerial or Accounting Aspects and International Challenges Facing Asean Economic Community 2015.

This lecture aims to improve students’ understanding and international experience in the learning process and to improve their English so that they can fully use English in the learning process of the international class. In addition, the guest lecturing gives the students the opportunity face to face with guest lecturers who motivate students to use English in teaching and learning process.

The conclusion of the lecture is that marketing is important for business. In addition, companies also need to implement various marketing models in order to attract new consumers. "Marketing at low price is the best for the company,” said Arogya who is currently taking the MBA program at The Asian Institute of Technology Thailand. (fadhli)